Advisory Committee

Professor Mark Kramer, Program Director, Project on Cold War Studies, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
Alexander Kashumov, Chair of the Legal Team of Program “Access to Information”; Legal Consultant to the Bulgarian National Archives Agency
Irina Nedeva, Senior Editor, Bulgarian National Radio; Manager Political Debates, The Red House.
Stoyan Totev, Professor of Economics, Institute of Economics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Evelina Kelbecheva, Professor of History, Department of History and Civilizations, American University in Bulgaria
Ana Luleva, Assoc. Professor, Head of the Department of “Ethnology of Socialism and Post-socialism”
Nikolay Nenov, Assoc. Professor, Director, Rousse Regional Museum of History
Latchezar Toshev, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Dilyana Ivanova, Ph.D., ARCS Chief Administrative Consultant; anthropologist and author of the ARCS Series Volume III monograph “Memories of Everyday Life during Socialism in the Town of Rousse, Bulgaria”.
Philip Dimitrov, Ph.D., former Prime Minister of Bulgaria; Ambassador to the US; and EU Ambassador to the Republic of Georgia
Nassya Kralevska-Owens, journalist and author of the ARCS first academic publication “Communism vs. Democracy. Bulgaria 1944 to 1997.”


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